Setup Tutorial

Device Pairing Instructions

  • Enter the Bluetooth pairing interface after device turn on.
  • Long press “Left” + “Right” button at the same time for more than 3 seconds. The remoteControl LED light blinks enter to auto pair mode.
  • The device will be automatically paired and connected. After the product is successfully connected, it can realize 360 degree operation of the device.

*This product can only memorize the pairing information of one main device. When the product is connected to a new device, it does not support the connection back of the historical device. To connect at this time, you need to delete the historical connection information of this peripheral on the main device side before you can successfully perform a new search pairing!

Remote Control Mode Description

  • Under the situation of the device havenʼt connected to Bluetooth, the infrared functionof the remote control is used by default.

  • When device connected to Bluetooth which used the Bluetooth remote control Bluetooth function and can come to 360° operation of the device.

Special Key function description

In infrared mode,press the”Voice” button can call up the Bluetooth pair interface;

In Bluetooth mode, it is a voice function.

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